Behind The Artworks: Kaldvard - Dømt Til Bål Og Brann (2019)

The artwork was done by Kim Holm. He has extremely many paintings, drawings, covers, etc under his belt. Many of those who listen to metal know his work. He did the Abbath cover this year for example. What happened was that, we knew he existed first of all, and we sent him an email explaining what we wanted. We told him that the cover should be of a witch-burning. But "how" should be up to him, being the artist and all. So, some time went by and he eventually asks us for the title track. He wanted to listen to the song to get inspired. We sent him the unfinished, unmixed song and he gave us a sketch. We said yes to the first sketch we got, because that it hit us right away. He had not only drawn the burning witch, but he had also drawn a whole crowd of people watching the burning, as they did it back then. And some buildings etc. We are very proud of our cover art and it sets the mood not only for one song but for the whole album we think.

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