Behind The Artworks: Runescarred - The Distant Infinite(2019)

The album artwork for "The Distant Infinite" was designed by our good friends at Anonymous Ink and Idea, whom we have worked with spanning several years and many other projects. The album title came to me after thinking of paintings and pictures depicting a treetop view of the forest, and the idea of the land expanding infinitely to the horizon; that as humans we often seek perfection, heaven, nirvana, whatever you want to call it but never quite reaching it. However, that should never deter or halt our progress towards the "infinite", however "distant" it may seem from time to time. I think the art captures all of these ideas with many different symbols of our limitless capacity, our own versions of "infinity", as it were. There is a sun, a moon, a skull holding the brain/mind with its limitless thought. A bird which may fly anywhere, an eye which can see anything, a snake with no beginning and no end, a hand which can create as well as destroy. It's all very Alpha/Omega-type stuff which perfectly represents our goals as a band; without pretense, we aim to be both the first and last word in our chosen idiom. Leave nothing to chance, leave nothing open to debate.

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