Interviews: NØNVIABLE

On this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the Deathcore/Downtempo band NØNVIABLE from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. Where did you get the idea for the name NØNVIABLE? And what's been your favorite part of the project so far?

Josh Pace (Vocalist, Lyricist & Creator of NØNVIABLE): So it's a pretty basic story - I had a list of about 8-10 potential project names. NØNVIABLE was the only one that really stood out to me the most, so I went with it. It wasn't taken, it was unique and it has a great ring to it! For anybody curious, the Ø to me symbolizes and represents loneliness and emptiness - 2 feelings I write extensively about. I give the symbol its own identity - it's pretty much my alternate name lol. It personifies many emotions and feelings within me - that's why I use it so frequently.

Aside from that, ever since I started doing vocals in mid-2018 I knew I wanted to start a project or a band or something. I'm incredibly happy that NØNVIABLE became a reality for me. It's more than a dream or a simple project - it's an emotional and mental outlet that I have immense passion for. I've made progress recording vocals, and I'll continue to improve with each and every release. The new releases are definitely something to look forward to! There's a lot of variety in the upcoming full-length album, and I know people will enjoy it! Recording vocals is tough sometimes - but it's always a ton of fun hearing a new track once it's fully mixed and mastered.

2. Why did you want to play this genre?

Josh: I absolutely LOVE Downtempo in general. Call my tastes boring if ya want lmao, but I absolutely LIVE for the slow, sludgy, heavy stuff. The slower and heavier, the better! I REALLY wanted to put out the music I've always loved to hear - and luckily, I found writers that were able to make that happen.

3. Did you know the writers before the project was formed?

Josh: I've known the writers for the project through mutual friends and the bands / projects they play in. Both the writers for different chapters of NØNVIABLE were / are fun to work with. There are (so far) 3 writers, both former and current. Every stage and chapter of NØNVIABLE will be different in some way - and that's what makes it truly exciting!

4. Favorite / Inspiring bands?

Josh: Being the only member of the project, I can say some of my absolute favorite bands are: PURGE, KING, RØT, FILTH, Sold Soul, Bound In Fear, WHXRECRUSHER, Put To Death, SCATHE, etc. There's just so much talent out there, it's incredible!

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs?

Josh: I can say that, the vast majority of the lyrics are written from a personal perspective. Outside of the mental health concepts (In tracks like "RECLUSE" and throughout the 'DARK DESCENSION' EP) the other lyrics I've written are nothing out of the ordinary. For the upcoming full-length album (and future releases), demonic summoning, possession, hate, worldly problems, and unjustified anger are some of the overarching concepts, themes and topics. Just regular Metal topics haha!

6. Have you ever played a show?

Josh: So, fun fact time! I actually got an email awhile back asking me to play a show at a venue in San Diego (where I'm at). I was grateful, yet turned down the offer - as it's just basically an online project. I dont have any hopes of finding fill-ins for shows anytime soon. NØNVIABLE is solely an online / internet project for the foreseeable future.

7. Where would you like to perform?

Josh: I'm not too sure tbh - but in the far future, we will see where things go! 

8. Who would you like to feature with?

Josh: I would LOVE to do vocal features for bands such as DEMURRED, RØT, Put To Death, SCATHE or KING. They're just a few bands that really inspire me! I'd be honored to feature for any band really - it's all about getting my voice out there! 

9. What do you think of your fans?

Josh: I'm very humbled and very grateful that there are people out there who love my vocals. As a new vocalist in the scene, I've had to struggle and learn new things - and it's amazing the amount of support I've gotten.

10. What do you think of our site?

Josh: It's a wonderful site run by wonderful people! I love the dedication - being a former reviewer and now - music promoter, I appreciate the effort that anybody takes to discuss, interview, review or write about their favorite bands. It keeps the passion alive!

11. Anything more to add?

Josh: If the person reading this is a fan of NØNVIABLE, get ready for more new music! I have a LOT planned before I take a standard hiatus, so stick around and stay tuned for the heaviness in 2020! I'd like to extend warm regards and thanks to the current and former writers for the project, as well as my art & video man, and my mixing engineer. None of this would be possible without these talented people. And thank you so much for the interview Jon and the BTC team! It was a real pleasure answering these questions! You'll all be hearing more new music very soon!

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