Track By Tracks: Blackhearth - Blackhearth (2019)

1. Flying Away:

The very first track opens with a very low-key acoustic intro. The pace gradually picks up with a nice series of distorted guitar riffs. The song structure and choruses are distinctively highlights, and contain elements both classic and modern techniques. The lyrics are about being stuck in the daily grind, and that absolute necessity to break out of it. When you’re in a certain environment, you can become complacent and the lyrics address the internal struggle you have to move out of your comfort zone and do something about it. 

2. Tarker’s Mills:

The opening is down-tempo and sounds more Metal than the previous track immediately. There's also lots of progressive elements, with an emphasis on this spooky atmosphere. The lyrics are shamelessly inspired by the horror novel ‘Cycle of the Werewolf’ (Stephen King). 

3. Face The Enemy:

This is another track with a hard hitting intro, and catchy verse. ‘Face The Enemy’ is a very angry song and features an impressive lead-in with heavy guitar riffs as well as a lot of distortion. The song is about feeling somebody is out to get you, but ultimately the only way to overcome things like that are to address them head on. It’s a great track to play live, with lots of energy and an easy chorus to sing. 

4. The Truth You’ve Missed:

With ‘The Truth You’ve Missed’ the album take a heavier twist. Accordingly, this is one of the more overtly heavy songs on the album and is strongly reflective of the band’s core sound. The song include acoustic guitar passages and strong dynamic shifts, and this creates an atmospheric feel of anger and sadness. This track describes the hypocrisies of the Church and the weight of catholicism in our society. 

5. Earls Of Darkness:

Has more energy than most of the songs. The lyrics are quite abstract with a lot of references to fantasy. The main inspiration is basically to not give in to the pressures you may face around you, whatever forms they may come in, and making sure you do what you need to do to be happy. 

6. The Magician:

This is one of the most original songs on the album, with a somewhat sinister atmosphere and darker vocal style making it stand out from the rest. The lyrics are inspired by Aleister Crowley. It's a very emotional song for us and we can't wait to share it with people and sing it live. 

7. Blackhearth:

Easily the most diverse song on the álbum. There is a beautiful melancholy in the track between the instrumental music which is uplifting in some ways and the lyrics which are asking questions begging for answers. The song is drenched in instrumental interludes, knotty key and chord changes, shifting time signatures, and a keyboard-heavy instrumentation. The vocals are earnest, emotional, and have a wonderful, rich tone that perfectly complements the melancholy nature of the music. The lyrical content is of course about suicide.

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