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Track By Tracks: Enquire Within - Bloodlines (2019)

Dan Lewin (lead guitar) and Henry Waller (drums) wrote all the music on the album. Henry’s brother Jacob wrote the lyrics. It has taken the band two and a half years to write their debut album Bloodlines. The band have released a series of short documentary videos about the making of the album which is available on their You Tube channel 1 or on their Facebook page 2 .

The meaning behind the tracks:

1. Blind:

Blind is driven by heavy guitar riffs and powerful drums. The song is about a dying world, attempting to escape which inevitably only worsens the issue. From the very start we wanted to produce something high energy with a strong beat and the guttural vocals the track opens with compliment the feeling of desperation. That only manifests itself further with the space in the chorus, allowing those inner thoughts bubble to the surface.

2. Hunter:

More industrious in its approach, the relentless drums fuel the engine of this machine. The ever churning bass mixed with more intimate vocals like a predator stalking its prey, explode into action as the hunt begins. The moment of solace as the band drop out only for the bass to power through allowing a breath, take aim and fire! Moving in for the kill with a crushing riff and high octane action blasting on the drums, this song is all about pushing limits.

3. Battle Torn:

We live in turbulent times, prominent figures pushing agendas for their own ends and a society all too ready to accept a lie rather than face an ugly truth. 

Led by Henry’s killer kick drum, this song battles its way from beginning to end. We wanted to create a feeling of the song pulling you along with it, we don’t stop for anything, endlessly driving forward be it with the blistering guitar solo or the messianic horde’s chorale: He’s the leader, the great deceiver!

4. Wasteland:

Battles come in all shapes and sizes, whilst Battle Torn is about external conflict Wasteland focuses on the internal. The creepy intro sets the stage for a deeper dive into the mind, the struggles that we all face on a day to day basis. Flagging but not yet falling, keeping it all within. People are their own worst nightmares, they perpetually doubt and criticise with no end. The only relief comes with the realisation that we are one, or is it all in my head.  

5. Bloodlines:

The eponymous track, Bloodlines is all about the thoughts of a brother driven to murder. The repentance of the sin quickly falls away leaving only the lust for the kill. Insane drum beats and crushingly heavy riffs reflect the brutality of such a vile act. We follow the story though to the twisted liberation felt after the act, the freedom of no longer being constrained against the morality of society. Having broken the seal of sanctity on life, you quench your bloodthirst.  

6. Warmonger:

Ever wanted to punch someone in the face? We have. Warmonger is all about hatred for a liar, someone smearing your name to get further in life. The steady control exercised to not act on these instincts are mirrored in the restrained riffs leading up to the chorus where we humour those intents. As we scream against the hypocrisy, tension builds and builds until it finally explodes out. This song is charged with agitation and the burning hatred for those who do you harm.

7. Watch it Burn:

Like the combustion engine this song is like a controlled explosion. Powerful, fast and deadly. We continually go between states of high and low energy, frequently bursting into action. This song is about the sweet rush of death, when you draw your last breath and release yourself from the torture of being. The mix of pain and elation, giving into the feeling and being swallowed by self- loathing. We all have dark thoughts and this song captures the intensity.  

8. War:

Rampage. Barrelling your way through life, coming in like a wrecking ball. The bombastic drums and tightly coiled guitar riffs push this song forward into a combative place. We face many challenges in life, but they don’t stand a chance against you.  This is fast and springs into action. A climactic finish to the album culminates in a destructively brutal riff that you can’t help but sacrifice a goat to... or at least bang your head.

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