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Track By Tracks: Her Despair - Exorcisms Of Eroticism (2019)


Thematically the song revolves around that final moment; when your soul leaves your body, and you either ascend towards the light, or spiral down towards the dark. This is what it sounds like as you begin to fall. It’s our heaviest song yet, and possibly our most dramatic. It’s the most theologically-focussed track on the release, detailing a change of belief into a solitary war against God. It was the first song we wrote for this release, so we feel it’s the only proper contender for the fairly explosive opener.


Revolves around the intoxication of lust; that overwhelming desire for someone to the extent that it feels you could be possessed. The term “exorcism” being very much a euphemism. Musically we wanted to draw on influences such as Suspiria, focussing on dance synths rather than our more usual sounds. Something that was suitably hard-hitting, but could also get the dance floor moving. We made a music video for this particular song, directed and filmed by Scott Chalmers. The accompanying video encapsulates the mood of the music perfectly, and we would recommend you watch it, if you dare.


Is probably the most straightforward love song on the release, detailing adorations towards the muse. We use acoustic guitars for the first time, and the strings provide suitable layers of dramatics. The song went through several evolutions during writing and rehearsals; starting primarily as an acoustic ballad, then having a complete chorus rewrite even after the heavier band aspects were initially added. I particularly like the switch between the verses and chorus of this song. The verses are soft and sentimental, the chorus comes harder.


Another song leaning towards a theological inclination, as is probably apparent. This is possibly my favourite of all our songs. I composed the skeleton in an evening, before fleshing it out with the rest of the band. The disco synths were a last minute moment of inspiration in the dead of night, and they added an entirely new dimension to the track.


A more traditionally gothic reflection. The acoustic guitars return in a far darker manner, before building to the crescendo of heartbreaking strings and endless falling. The piano melody that resurfaces throughout the song is one of my favourite aspects of the release. Lyrically one of the more meaningful songs on the release, dealing with concepts of guilt and lamentation.


Jordan wrote the foundation of this song around the concept of losing a loved one. We wanted it to retain our usual melodrama, but perhaps with a touch more optimism and elegance. The ending piano melody was an almost spontaneous addition in the rehearsal room, and added a certain magic to the final moments. It has an almost gospel, almost optimistic, second half. It’s uplifting, in a sad way.

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