Track By Tracks: Rhodium - Sea Of The Dead (2019)

Sea of the Dead may not be a concept album, nevertheless most of the songs have a common denominator. Man and his battle for survival. Throughout the stories we recount, we try to motivate people to act against all wrong doings around them and lead them to spiritual awakening.

Path of Wrath and Man of Honor broach the very serious matter of pedophilia with a purpose to make people stand up to abusers, even if they appear to be above suspicion.

Delirio follows, which in turn describes a mental illness and how people suffering from this unfortunate disease are often mistreated and cast aside by society.

The First Light of Day is allegorical. It may seem to describe the tale of creation, but through this story it showcases how people are alienated and caged in their isolation, everyone fighting their personal demons.

Sea of the Dead, the title track of the album, is dedicated to all the people who have lost their lives in the cold waters of the Aegean sea, in a futile attempt escaping from the horrors of war.

The Emperor is the sequel to The Fall, a track from our debut album. It recounts the story of Constantinople’s fall in May of 1453 through the last moments of Emperor Constantinos Palaiologos.

Sisters of Fate on the other hand is the song that deals with the inevitability of facing one’s destiny.

When you reach the end of your time, what would be your last thoughts? Who are the people who touched you most and made you remember them? Tapestry of Time is a love song which raises those questions.

Fight Back, the second to last song, has an obvious exhortation to awake people from being passive, urge them to resist and make justice prevail.

Finally, Doomsday is a bonus track which deals with a deadly virus and the fall of mankind.

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