Track By Tracks: Under Attack - Under Attack (2019)


The song is about The soldier inside each of us. A soldier who has to fight his battles every day, small or large, does not matter. But there is also a most important battle that we must fight, one against who would like control our lives, piloting our choices through new technologies. But in the song there is no political message, no incitement to violence, rebellion or war. The message is positive, we are soldiers and we must protect the values that make us human. that’s all.


The text of the song and the title itself refer to a captain who must carry a ship in calm waters. What's beyond the sea? the question that many explorers and surfers have asked about in the past. But the song also has a hidden message, going beyond the sea of superficiality to understand the truth and the essence of things. We liked the theme about the sea, and I don't deny that Iron with their songs like "sea ofmadness" and "the rime of the ancient mariner" (inspired by Coleridge) gave us the inspiration to write this text.


In life we have written rules and conventions, someone has already decided for us. You are born, consumed, live, die. Everything conforms and conforms to the very specific rules that our society imposes on us. Who does not follow them or who does not conform to the mass is not often seen well. Our world, our society is driven towards unbridled consumerism, towards rules that are often not written anywhere but we all try to follow. From the fashions of the moment, to foods, to TV programs, seems there is a great director who decides for us what we must do, look at, eat, drink, how we should dress etc. There is no political message but the song wants to be a healthy moment of reflection on life. Are you sure to live?

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