Behind The Artworks: SYRYN - Beyond The Depths (2019)

Artwork can be a tricky thing. Trying to find someone or something that best represents everything you’ve put into your album and your music. Sometimes it falls right into place while other times, you really have to work at it with an artist until it’s just right. In the case of our album cover art, it was a bit of both. We came across a piece of art online by Rachata Y. in Thailand and tried for weeks to try to reach him via various avenues to see if we could purchase the artwork and work with him to customize it to our album. Finally he got back to us. He stated that he did not create his art for profit and gave us the piece along with his blessing to tailor it however we saw fit. We were beyond thrilled and weren’t quite sure how to thank him (but will definitely be doing so). He agreed to let us credit him for the work and move forward with everything. Once we had the go-ahead, we proceeded to engineer the piece to coincide with the album.

As you’ll learn when listening through our album, our Siren is very multifaceted. There are two sides to here and they continue to pin her against herself. Good, or evil? To show emotion, or to be indifferent? To stand your ground, or succumb? The artwork portrays the Siren luring in the ship through treacherous waves through a storm while holding a glowing orb drawing power from lightning while she debates obliterating them. You’ll see her two tails representing both sides of her, while both are beautiful, one is the evil side. This starts to come out more in our art on the insert. One of her tails morphs into a sharp edged, uglier evil tail. If you turn the album to the back, beyond the depths, you’ll see the remnants of all of her past victims in a seemingly never ending cycle for her.

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