Behind The Tracks: Vigils - Divide (2019)

In February 2018, we had organized a composition session in New York with the band, however, it was very complicated for us to write because of the lack of inspiration and motivation as we had not been able to find the alchemy to create new songs for days. We all felt that Gil was a little distant during this time, considering that he was absent for a few days. But when he returned, he told us of his distress. We talked a lot and shared our personal experiences, until we forgot that we were there to create music, which in the end brought us together deeply and revealed a new facet of our relationship.

So, we decided to help him by doing what we do best: creating music. The lack of inspiration that had haunted us for several days finally disappeared and was replaced by a "creative therapy." Divide was then born with the aim of exorcising a friend's suffering. As this song was very personal, we wanted to produce it all by ourselves (production, recording and mixing), it was the logical continuation of the process.

Of course, we decided to give Gil all the freedom to write the Storyboard, because it seemed legitimate to us that he could express his story in the most authentic way possible. That's why we decided to work with Eric Dicarlio, because his vision and artistic sense were totally in correlation with our vision.

The rose is the strong symbol of this song. It represents perfection which is a goal to be aimed for but can also lead to destruction - which is what we wanted to represent in this music video.

The song is about being too overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and not being able to see the positive aspects of life. Forgetting why you’re alive and why you’re here because your inner demons are constantly yelling louder than your brain can think. Knowing that deep down this isn’t who you are, but the negative keeps overshadowing the good. The line “why am I being pulled from two sides?” is referencing the feelings of dissonance those contrasting thoughts cause.
It’s not a neutral or optimistic song, it’s just about suffering.

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