Track By Tracks: ABEYANCE - Portraits Of Mankind (2019) - Breathing The Core


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viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2019

Track By Tracks: ABEYANCE - Portraits Of Mankind (2019)

1. Portrait of Mankind:

The opening track immediately launch a direct provocation about the state of decline to which man is carrying the planet Earth. Composition and lyrics were written in 2016, the year in which although the theme was already very much felt globally, it did not yet know the vast demonstrations that were held in recent times thanks to the action of the young people "Fridays For Future" movement. Thanks to this intervention, Western governments and industries have certainly received a shock to their conscience, but we doubt they are actually putting it into practice. This song, for the themes it faces, couldn't have been released in a better period. We believe that it can fully express its meaning in this times. 

2. In Falsehood Dominion:

The second piece continues the intent of "Portrait of Mankind", embracing its cause and expanding it. We believe that the dishonesty of those who govern the states of the world do enormous harm to all of humanity. It was thought that in the future man would reach a state of consciousness and superior knowledge, instead, we live in times where reality and truth are often distorted and mystified by individual interests. We live in a domain of lies in every social, financial and political aspect, just look at the scandals that come up every day. But how many more are still buried in their own mud? 

3. Mine Are Sorrow and Redemption:

With this song, we definitely change the subject and enter into the depth of human introspection. The theme of depression is treated with a long and diversified metaphor on the states of perennial struggle that the person must face in order to survive with the demons of this disease. Demons come in various forms and try to drown you and make you feast with them with your own soul. In all this also a sense of redemption emerge, for something of which we are not guilty, for example, lost time, passions that deteriorate, interests in general that no longer have any taste.

4. Innerscape:

We consider "Innerscape" our highlight track also in terms of lyrics and for this reason we decided to use it for the promo video. We were inspired by Dante's journey into the infernal circles and we thought that the same thing could be told for the various levels of introspection; starting from what we already know, to the point of descending into darker places of ourselves. To do this we imagined a particular lantern that illuminates the steep path towards circles of consciousness and soul that cannot be illuminated with doubt or fear. So to see down there we thought a "light of acceptance" would be needed. If we have intrigued you, check out the Lyrics Video!

5. Secretly I Joined Dark Horizons:

The final track represents the journey's end across the physical and introspective world, during which the traveler has known the most obscure and melancholy aspects of his existence. There is also parallelism with disillusion and disappointment that come down in the path of human growth, from childhood to adulthood. Thanks to perseverance during all his years immersed in sorrow, he understands that the true knowledge and purity of being can only be achieved by venturing into the unknown that permeates the reality in which we live. A world of banality and shallowness will always leave the man incomplete, until he decides to face this journey and join those dark horizons.

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