Track By Tracks: Avalanche - Sent From Hell (2019)

1. Sold My Soul:

Sold my soul is a fast, energetic and punchy hard rock song with loud guitars, screaming vocals and punk and rockabilly influences. It tells the sory of Robert Johnson the man who sold his soul to the devil and created blues and rock music. It's the opening track on the album and really captures the raw and raucous high energy flow of our music.

2. Balls Deep:

Balls Deep is a catchy, double entendre infused take on the whole sex drugs and rock n roll lifestyle with a killer outro solo reminiscent of early AC/DC and aussie rock. It features a catchy recurring riff throughout the song and more gutsy screams and pumping rhythms to boot. And while I wish I could take credit for the name, it's Veronica (guitarist) who came up with it.

3. On Your Back:

Another one that Veronica actually wrote the lyrics and title for, On Your Back is the rhythm heavy midpoint of the studio tracks on the EP, its a heavy, moody and pulsing rock n' roll track with sing-along gang choruses and some killer solos. Ryan (drummer) came up with the main recurring riff, and this was the song I first used to audition for the band back when it was just Ryan and Veronica, so it will always be quite special.

4. Head First in Hell:

Head First in Hell is a staple of our live sets and the EP as it is the first studio recording we ever did as a band and our first ever single. So due to us not really knowing what we were doing just yet, it has that really raw and in your face feel that we ended up putting over the whole EP. It was written as a story following a person who lives a life of sin, sex and drugs and who doesn't really care about where that will get him, cos as Bon Scott said 'hell ain't a bad place to be'!

5. Run Like Hell (Live):

This is the first of the live tracks recorded at the Bull and Bush Hotel in Baulham Hills in December in 2018, back when we were just a 3 peice and still getting the hang of performing live. It has a School's Out/Run With The Devil kinda vibe, it's a real bluesy, driving song with ominous lyrics and an epic solo and some Scottish folk influences too.

6. Get Back (to Fuckwit City):

This song was written as a bit of a joke at the time we had a really good song instrumentally that we knew would catch peoples attention and we knew wanted to write about living in the city but the way it came together kind of shows in the lyrics, as it was all about not caring what people thought of you and if they didnt like it telling them to fuck off. It's one of the catchiest songs we've written featuring a big double chorus and anthem style feel to it. It's definitely the one that gets most people singing when we play it live.

7. Down In The Gutter:

This was another song that proved to be one of the funnest and easiest to make with the instrumentation stemming from a lot of heavy blues and early Hard Rock records, its like a vamped up The Who or Mountain song. We got the song down in a matter of two rehearsal sessions and lyrically, it was all improvised over the same two weeks until we got the end product. It's like a crazy fast-paced eclectic baby of Rose Tattoo and AC/DC with a slow rhythmic breakdown and stripped back solo that leads into an epic build up and one hell of a finish. 

8. The Album Cover:

When we were recording the 'Sent From Hell' Ep we were actually contacted by a graphic designer from South Australia who goes by ANGVS. He asked us if we were looking for any graphic design work to be done anytime soon and was really eager when we told him about our EP. We went through a few back and forths with him for ideas and finally settled on the whole 'Sent From Hell' postcard sort of image. As a lot of the songs we're about sin, sex and damnation, we thought that would be a perfect title and so for the cover, we thought we'd do a cartoonish depiction of us playing a gig in Hell to an audience of ghouls and demons and the Devil himself, sent as a postcard image to someone in the normal world. But we didn't want our depiction of Hell to be anything serious, it's all in good fun and he was able to give it that animated Simpsons-y kinda vibe and it ended up coming togethr really well and we honestly couldnt be happier with it.

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