Track By Tracks: Deep As Ocean - Crossing Parallels (2019) - Breathing The Core


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lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2019

Track By Tracks: Deep As Ocean - Crossing Parallels (2019)

Song written and performed by Deep As Ocean Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Recording Studio.

The creative process of this record started more than a year ago when the band decided to transform the metalcore sounds of its previous EP "Lost Hopes | Broken Mirrors" into a sophisticated fusion of choruses, scream, harsh, clean, and synths. “Knives and Flames" gives a taste of this innovative musical solution, echoed in other tracks in "Crossing Parallels". Among the new songs from the upcoming DAO album are “Feels Like Nothing "(feat. Andy Pali, Sharks in Your Mouth)—inspired by the departure of the protagonist of the TV show 13 Reasons, as well as by the suicide of the vocalist of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington—and " Black Rose ", a song that adds softer and melodic tones to the pretty strong sounds of the album, as to remind that we always need balance in life. "Crossing Parallels" also includes the already known songs "The Sinking Ship", "Hourglass" (feat. Mattéo Gelsomino, Novelists FR) and "Oblivion". The result is, therefore, that of a variegated album that mirrors the double soul of the DAO: the dualism between melody and a powerful sound.

The title "Crossing Parallels" and the corresponding image on the album’s cover are inspired by this new musical experimentation: two worlds that will never ideologically surf the same wavelength, but that can actually meet and merge together. A bit like swimming under water and seeing the darkness of the abyss below but also gazing at the sunlight on the surface. The effect of this collision of opposing realities is what can finally be defined and recognized as Deep As Ocean.


1. Crossing Parallels:

Intro instrumental

2. Hourglass (feat Matteo Gelsomino from Novelists FR):

The hourglass represents the inescapable passing of time, whilst the sand stands for our actions, our life that flows but that sometimes traps us. This is the reason why we need to break the glass case that imprisons us. We also need not to be afraid to say or do whatever we feel and want.

3. Knives and Flames:

Knives and Flames tells how it feels to be stabbed in the back, and tells of that feeling of discomfort and anger that one feels when trust falls for the mistakes committed by others. However, from the verses of this song, a sense of revenge also stands out and turns into an inner fire that burns and defeats the knives that life points to our backs.

4. Oblivion:

Half Sci-Fi and half philosophical, Oblivion is about how human beings keep committing the same mistakes over and over throughout their lives. In order to avoid these mistakes, a reset of humanity is needed…

5. The Sinking Ship:

This song is about the collapse of our society; the “sinking ship” is a metaphor of what has taken over us: ineptitude, carelessness, egotism, and mental closure. All these factors are slowly dragging us down to the ground. We are doing nothing to change the situation, and we are just trying to stay afloat and let the tide take us randomly.

6. Underwater:

Sometimes, we feel safe because we shut ourselves in, and we pretend that everything is fine. It's like staying underwater, as we are afraid of the sunlight. Even when we take courage or someone helps us out of our shell, we realize that the light is not so bright, and that perhaps you are hurting yourself too much.

7. Feels Like Nothing (feat Andy Pali from Sharks In Your Mouth):

“Feels Like Nothing” is explicitly inspired by the TV show "13 reasons", and Chester Bennington’s death, as well. This song encapsulates those feelings and those anxieties that ultimately lead to reckless gestures. The lyrics prompt us to put ourselves in the shoes of those who suffer, and who unfortunately cannot get out of that misery.

8. Floating Anchor:

This song is about the search for what really matters in life and what really helps you getting through life’s struggles. Sometimes, the anchors that are meant to drag us down can instead turn into our salvation, by preventing us from drifting.

9. Black Rose:

This is a love song, with a bit of sour flavour. A person who is important to you represents the light that illuminates the dark. But this song also warns that just as a beautiful rose has its thorns, so true love must always be alive, even when facing difficulties.

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