Track By Tracks: Fvneral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions (2019) - Breathing The Core


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martes, 3 de diciembre de 2019

Track By Tracks: Fvneral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions (2019)


A man re-visits the church in which he served as an altar boy when he was a kid. The church hasn’t changed much since then and thus his painful memories return about the priest sodomizing him and the other boys every week.


This one is about the „Gibault School for Boys“ in Indiana, USA. It was a foster home for difficult and criminal children. Unfortunately the priests and overseers were all pretty sadistic, so cruel punishment and rape was a daily routine. Needless to say that all the troubled young kids left the school as completely fucked up people. William Heirens (the „Lipstick Killer“) and Charles Manson both attended the school as kids, so if a christian foster home spawns 2 of the sickest serial killers, this should tell you something.


This is pretty much the only fictional and „funnier“ song on the album. It is about a priest or monk who swore complete abstinence from all sexual pleasures. Unfortunately he loves Christ. I mean, REALLY loves Christ. So he longs to be fucked by his lord and masturbates his anus with the crucifix, only to feel conflicted and perverse. It may be a fictional fun story, but it pictures the problematic, hypocritical perspective of the church towards normal sexual needs: if you diabolize something which is natural, you end up with some rather crooked deeds by very disturbed people.


Is about pope Innocent VIII (1432 – 1492). Now that guy was a real „loving and true“ christian… Not only did he highly promote with-hunting and inquisition especially in Germany (the infamous „Hexenhammer“ was written under his legislature), he also was the first person to demand a blood transplant. When he was sick with age, he ordered several young boys to give him their blood, which was clumsily injected into his veins. He had promised those boys money, of course knowing they would not survive this action. And of course they did not. At least karma was nice and the pope, unaware of a thing called blood type, died too. Nice guys, those popes…


Is about the catholic nun-convent of the same name. They are mainly active in Ireland and Australia and run several orphan homes. If you thought nuns are less violent and abusive than male church members, well… you are wrong. The punishment for even the slightest offences (like coughing at the table or laughing during bible lessons) can easily be labeled as torture. Yes, including waterboarding, feces feeding and smack-your-face-onto-the-wall. Against children. 6 years old. This happened in the 1960s and 70s. To this day, although publicly known and proven, none of those nuns have ever been convicted. TO THOSE IN THE GRAVE: a few years ago a suicide wave among young adults in rural Australia revealed that most of them had been sexually molested by priests for over a 10 year span. Some 200 incidents were reported and investigated, and there are suspected to be many more. The cardinal had not participated in the crimes, but he had this to say: first, the investigations should be stopped because „they caused so much pain already“ (!!!), and second: it was also the fault of the parents, because nobody ever complained and ever asked the priests to stop. Not kidding. He said that. The song is directly addressed to that cardinal, wondering how someone can look into the mirror after such a claim. How can you explain your ways to those in the grave?


Is about two gay priests who are in love with each other, but can’t be together, because that would mean execution. It could be about christian priests of the past or muslim priests of today… does not matter. What remains is the fact that all world religions are homophobic. So this is somehow a sad love story, where religion is the source of tragedy. Once again!

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