Track By Tracks: Mind's Cove - Drift (2019)

1. The Snake Inside:

Like all the songs on the album, music came before the lyrics. When we started writing this song, we wanted to give it a Thrashy feel, led by a charging riff and fast solos. That sound got us thinking about the R complex (or reptile brain), the part of the human brain that's responsible for our most primitive instincts. Sources of "super" stimulation like junk food, media, and porn hijack our instincts for food, sex, or territorial protection, leading us to bad habits. Even in a time of great progress, we risk losing the battle against the monster within us all, that's why we all need to wake up and fight it. 

2. Sordid Liar:

The self-accusation of someone whose greediness destroyed everyone around him, even those who meant the most to him. He thinks of how he's hurt people, how he's let them down. And how much he loathes and hates himself for doing all this. Even if the lyrics hadn't yet been written when we were writing the music, the theme influenced the structure of the song, hence its Stop 'n' Go rhythm and the underlying sadness of the chorus.

3. Early Sun: 

The need to be free, the desire to travel around the world leaving the city life behind, to wander on a path without knowing the destination, and not caring. We wrote this song for the people who need to feel the same, and many of the melodies were born after contemplating the beauty of a sunrise.

4. Mirrors:

A sad ballad about a lone mother who prostitutes herself. Even though she does all this to give his son a better life, she's genuinely disgusted with herself to the point where she can't even recognize the reflection staring back at her from any mirrors.

5. Broken Stones: 

An ancient legend called 'The Stonecutter', reimagined as a tale of child slavery. In the song, the Stonecutter of the legend is replaced by a slave owner who isn't satisfied with his wealthy life and wishes for more power. When his wish is magically fulfilled and he acquires the power of the storm, the man is still unsatisfied and he wishes to become the only thing more powerful than him, an immovable mountain. The vile man's wish for power ultimately led to his demise when the children he enslaved as stonebreakers crushed the mountain piece by piece. We put our passion for Prog Metal in this song, both lyrically and musically.

6. Loss: 

The words of a father who deals with Alzheimer. He is already aware of the changes in his mind, as he has difficulty finding the right words. As the disease progresses, he just wants to share his wisdom with his dears before it fades away. The acoustic arrangement gives the song an intimate feel, with a nice nod to Dream Theater ad Thin Lizzy.

7. Black Tickets: 

An envision of how Media use tragedy and crimes to create their Show of Horrors. The song contains multiple references (more or less hidden) to dreadful crimes, each of them displayed as a circus-style attraction that will draw the spectator's attention. This is arguably the most violent song on the album.

8. The Desert's Still Waiting:

The lyrical theme was inspired by 'The Mahmudiyah rape and killings', a terrible case of war crimes which involved the rape, murder, and burning of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by a squad of U.S. Soldiers, who also killed her parents and younger sister. It's still considered one of the worst known cases involving US troops in Iraq and also inspired the movie 'Redacted' by Brian de Palma. The music was heavily influenced by two of our favorite bands: Pink Floyd and Metallica.

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