Track By Tracks: SYRYN - Beyond The Depths (2019) - Breathing The Core


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miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2019

Track By Tracks: SYRYN - Beyond The Depths (2019)

1. Where do your lyrics come from? What inspires your writing?

Ever since I started this project, I kind of had a storyline in mind. I feed heavily off of the music, so once we’ve got the majority of our instrumental structure down, I just listen to the music over and over, get a feel for it and let it speak to me.

2. What kinds of emotions do I feel?

What kind of energy does it have? Once I have a vision for the theme of the song, I try to put myself in the mindset of the person who would be in the scenario. For instance, with “Dead Men Tell No Tales” I had to imagine what it would be like to be an all-powerful Siren killing a Pirate and everything it would encompass. For “Unbreakable”, what it would be like to put into words and describe what internal struggles might feel like when faced with a decision or a threat. Once I know the direction I want to take the song in, I get to work on the lyrics. Some have fallen into place with ease, while others take either a couple of drinks and a bit of liberation or metaphorically beating my head against a wall! Regardless of how I get there, I do.

1. Song of the Syrynite:

This is an introduction to our Siren sung by Sloan’s daughter and sets us on our journey.

2. Neverending Nightmare:

In this song, the Siren lures the Pirates in through melodious enchantment. It talks about the Pirates surrendering themselves and what one might feel like to have such helpless power over them. “Can you feel me... under your skin... dragging you in.” They try to do everything to escape it. To release back to reality, but are trapped in a nightmare that never ends.

3. Inebriated Outcasts:

This is a brief clip of what the Pirates are doing just before their luring. Drinking rum, staggering around drunk on peg legs, having a good time, and breaking shit!

4. Three Sheets to the Wind:

This scene is set on the ship, there are two drunkards left. The reason they remain is because they were too drunk to know what a woman was let alone be enchanted by a Siren. Once they realize they have been deserted by the rest, they decide to “Drink everything on the shelf”! They basically get wasted, get in a fight and throw each other overboard only to be eaten by a shark! Haha

5. Panic Room:

This interlude shows the Pirates locked away, scared and confused… begging for help.

6. Unbreakable:

By this time the Pirates have been in her grasp for a bit of time. They are starting to tap into any humanity she may have. She is beginning to wonder if this is in fact what she wants. She snaps herself out of it and tells them how it’s going to be. She will not be tamed, she cannot be broken.

7. Bound in Torment:

Here, the Pirates are starting to feel defeated and hopeless.

8. Paradise for Demise:

The Siren has recollected herself. At full power, she’s come to show the Pirates how foolish they were. To reveal to them the deception she put them through and give them a reality check. They were greedy and believed her lies, now they will pay and there’s no turning back.

9. Prelude to Fatality:

The Siren grinningly drags the defenseless Pirates to their doom.

10. Dead Men Tell No Tales:

Pulled from their dungeon, the Pirates, kneeling and feeling defeated, are forced to surrender. With one swift swipe of a blade, seas turn red and they are deprived of existence.

11. Adrift:

The thrill is gone. The Siren sits among lifeless Pirates and realizes that she is once again alone. Humanity once again starts to set in.

12. Through it All:

This song illustrates how the Siren is feeling after all chaos has broken loose. She is filled with emotion, remorse, and regret remembering this feeling all over again. Though this is not easy, she hopes to break the chain. She reaches deep within to regain her courage and strength. Alas, this is who she is. It is her purpose and the reason for her being. She knows that it will happen again, driven by primal instinct, knows she must accept her burden and persevere each and every time, picks herself up and begins her journey again. As you listen to and interpret these songs and their lyrics, you’ll find that in some cases they are metaphorical and are also very relatable to certain life experiences. I hope you enjoy! ~ Sloan

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