Track By Tracks: The Wolf Howls When I Call Your Name - Where Flies Will Reign (2019) - Breathing The Core


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jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2019

Track By Tracks: The Wolf Howls When I Call Your Name - Where Flies Will Reign (2019)

1. My Anaemic Friend:

This one was a really weird one for us, usually I come into the room with something already done and structured and the guys just have to learn and the big bits are obvious and the quiet bits are too, like a real meat and potatoes Nirvana ethic, this one though actually came out of a jam with a friend who's filled in for Harry two or three times, the lyrics in this song are kind of inspired a lot by Layne Staley out of Alice In Chains, the e.p being called 'Where Flies Will Reign' is kind of a nod to the Alice In Chains record 'Jar of Flies' whilst sonically i think it incorporates a real OK Computer Radiohead vibe. The words just came from a drunken evening in my living room listening to Alice In Chains unplugged, at the time i was in a relationship that was just making me ill, i don't hate the person we just were not right for each other, but we both made a lot of mistakes and i was having a bit of a nervous breakdown because of it, the lyrics 'Erase my love. Erase my mark, let's leave this part, where flies will reign...' just basically came from this sense of forget me, there must be something else. It's a real different one for us this is.

2. Lovely Shiny Teardrop:

Lovely Shiny Teardrop was just laid down from some free studio time we had knocking around and i knew pretty much how the melodies were going to go but i had no words and Sam had to learn this one in the studio on drums, it was a real fun one for us, it's Sam my drummers favourite, i think it's a no bullshit catchy song it reminds of a kind of a R.E.M track. This one is definitely more of a showcase of my typical structures in the past, we had so much fun recording this one.

3. I'm Not Well:

Again, this one was born from just a chord progression i had, this one's made us start rehearsing with a new guitar player so half of our shows next year i think we're going to be a four peace. All three songs are kind of about the same thing and i didn't even know it so i think they glue together really well. I think the guitar tones we used on the big solo at the end sound like something My Chemical Romance or The White Stripes would have used back in the day so we kind of laughed when it was done, but i'd say this one's my favourite and i'd say it's the hardest hitting track emotionally on the recor.

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