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Band Biographies: Kill Her First

The melodic hardcore band Kill Her First has been through a lot. The years since the band’s foundation in 2007 brought several member changes and a shift in musical direction. But today, the passion and vision of Kill Her First are alive as ever. The newly released single Street Dog vs. Eagle promises fresh material for 2020.

Let’s take a look back:

Four girls from Berlin started a band in the summer of 2007 – putting a new name on the map of the predominantly male subgenre of post hardcore: Kill Her First.

Founding members Jana März, Gero Crocianelli, Giulia Campagna and Nina Götting drew inspiration from international bands like Hawthorne Heights, From Autumn To Ashes, Rise Against, Funeral For A Friend or Kittie. At the time, solid German bands were few and far between.

At Waterdown drummer Philipp Meyer’s Burning Flag studio, the band recorded the EP Insidher in 2008. The artwork was contributed by Intohimo drummer Simon Bohm.

Following countless Berlin clubshows and a short tour through Sweden, the album Anatomy 101 was released in 2010. At that point, the band’s lineup was not fully female any more – Oliver Meyer replaced Nina on guitar with Vincent Hulman took over the drums from Giulia, who put full focus on her vocal duties.

Kill Her First played shows with Thursday, Kittie, Anberlin, The Sorrow and joined Blackout Problems on a mini tour through Austria. The band also shared the stage with Refused, Hot Water Music, Lagwagon and Anti Flag for Monster Bash Festival in 2012. One year later, Kill Her First was featured on the soundtrack for feature film Fortress by Kirsi Marie Liimatainen.

In 2014, Kill Her Sexismracismhomophobia First was released. VISIONS picked the EP as its demo of the month. The band was invited to play on prime-time TV show Circus Halligalli and also popped up on the radar of French label KROD. Here, in 2016, the EP Born To Be Strong was released. The single Tightrope reached 33,000 views on YouTube and was featured on StarFM radio. Sophie Schwalbe replaced Oliver on guitar. Kill Her First continued to be a live force and plays shows with Cancer Bats and Ignite.

In 2017, new drummer David Lütke joined the band. In 2018 and 2019, Kill Her First supported international bands Daggermouth, Blood Command, Walls Of Jericho and Hoods. The demo single Street Dog vs. Eagle is released at the end of 2019, heralding fresh material and promising an evolution of the band’s sound.

Kill Her First Lineup:

Gero Crocianelli (vocals)
Giulia Campagna (vocals)
Jana März (bass)
Sophie Schwalbe (guitar)
David Lütke (drums)


Insidher (EP), 2008
Anatomy 101, 2010
Kill Her Sexismracismhomophobia First (EP), 2014
Born To Be Strong (EP), 2016
Street Dog vs Eagle (Single), 2019

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