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Band Biographies: Krvsade

Released from the depths in 2015, Krvsade is a mind-shattering thrash assault destined to conquer stages across the nation and the world. A new blend of extreme metal from Charlotte, USA, Krvsade incorporates death and black metal into the thrash equation, resulting in an original, brutal sound.

The four members of Krvsade work together to refine each melodic track, starting with Andre Evans (guitar/vocals) defining the skeleton of the song with riff ideas and the occasional chorus. The framework is sent to Keegan Dennis (drums) to flesh out a solid foundation and once that is done, it passes to Arthur Reid (guitar) and Jeb Laird (bass) for final attunement. Lyrical themes encompass anything from the end of days to religion and real-life events.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Inquisition, Nervosa, and Uada, Krvsade is first and foremost a live band. With seasoned musicians comprising the line-up, a live gig from Krvsade is intense and interactive. Raw and in the moment, it’s not a numb, over choreographed school play. This is real, in your face, fast and angry metal; a full set of four dudes losing their minds. The way it should be.

Krvsade released their debut offering ‘Militum Infernum’ in 2017, featuring the first three songs they ever wrote as a band. Growth and evolution are apparent in the newest recording, ‘Judgment Day’ EP arriving in January 2020. According to the band, this latest 3 track record is only an appetizer for the full course that is coming soon.

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