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Band Biographies: Realidades

Realidades is a Guatemalan Melodic Hardcore band. The majority of the lyrics are oriented to relate a “reality” perceived by the members and even tell some of their own experiences. Their influences vary in genres and bands and their sound has evolved constantly.

The band has actively participated in several gigs and festivals both inside and outside Guatemala and have shared stage with international bands such as: Fuerza de Lucha, Minority Of One (Spain), God Mother (Sweden), Test of Time, Kills and Thrills (USA), Raw Brigade, Ceguera (Colombia), No Somos Marineros, Joliette ( Mexico) Mare Tenebrarum, Toma El Riesgo, Nuestra Promesa (El Salvador), Inersia, Billy The Kid, Miseria, Dvmah (Costa Rica), among others.

The first Demo / EP entitled "Retratos" was produced by the band itself. It was released digitally by 12-54 Records in April 2013 and presented at its debut show the same month. In October 2014, Realidades released its second EP entitled “A la Deriva” recorded at Wisdom Calling Recording Studios and mastered at Audiosiege (USA) with support of 12-54 Records.

The physical copies were released in 7 ”Vinyl format by Nadie es libre Discos (Guatemala). With this EP the evolution in the sound of the band is evidenced and its first official video clip for the song “Náufragos”, directed and produced by 2Step Studios Guatemala, emerges. (You can watch the official video in the videos section).

Their next release titled "Epilogo" came out in February 2015, and contains 2 tracks filled with emotion recorded by Wisdom Calling Recording Studios; mixed and mastered by Tempest Studios (Guatemala). This material shows an experimental evolution in the sound of the band and was released in Bandcamp.

Later that year the band recorded a live session at the music store Crossroads Cayalá in Guatemala. The session of approximately 20 minutes is filled with the band greatest hits at the moment and presents a new song called "Renacer, Reconstruir." however after the departure of some members the band went in hiatus.

In 2017, the current line-up was formed, Jhona Chan entering the main guitar and Jacobo Marroquín on bass. The band self produce a reunion show in September 2017 and started a creative process for a new album while performing in local shows and several festivals, the most relevant being the “Latin America EdgeFest” Held in El Salvador, the biggest event in the region.

Their first full-length album was release in January 6th of 2020 entitled "Mar Abierto" and produced by Dan Roca (Local producer who has been involved relevant Guatemalan Bands). The Album first video single called “Lobos” was released in Dec 15th as a promotion and was co-produced and directed by 2Step Films (Guatemala) obtaining a positive response from their fanbase (You can see the link in the videos section.)

The band wants to take a moment to wholeheartedly thank those who have supported them among the last 6 years.

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