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Band Biographies: Wave Break

Wave Break is a New Jersey alternative rock band named after overcoming adversity. Fueled by experiences with recent lineup changes amongst other career roadblocks, the band returns with their newest single “Out of Breath” - their most fiery endeavor yet.

Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Kelly Barber and bassist Ken Knightly prove that nothing can triumph over pure perseverance. When Wave Break burst onto the scene in late 2017, they very quickly found themselves gaining support from outlets such as idobi Radio, New Noise Magazine, and Alternative Press. They also went on to tour the northeast US as well as perform alongside bands and artists such as Boys of Fall (InVogue Records), Nick Thomas (The Spill Canvas), Secrets (Made In The Shade Records), and Kulick (RCA Records) to name a few.

Wave Break established themselves with their debut 2018 EP “Armory” by spreading messages of strength and vitality, living up to their name. With their signature dynamic sound and new music in the works, they continue with that same sentiment. Wave Break is in it for the long haul.

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