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Behind The Artworks: LAMORI - Neo Noir (2020)

The album cover actually came about as a bit of a lucky accident. The cover was originally supposed to have been a drawing by Timwnas Timwn, the same artist who did the cover art for our previous album To Die Once Again. But as we were designing the booklet we played around with some photos of the band from an earlier photo shoot, adding some effects here and pulling some levers there. All of a sudden we had this image in front of us that looked like a big dark wave, ready to crush everything with ominous darkness. We all looked at each other and pretty much agreed right there and then that this had to be the cover for NEO NOIR. This was the new black taking over. The photo is taken by Therese Anderson and our bassist Mikael Westerlund is responsible for the edit. And we also have to give a bit of credit to our guitarist Marcus, as he is actually the darkness in the photo.

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