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Behind The Tracks: The Cryptics - Face The Day (Single) (2020)

The story behind the song is very simple and direct. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of able-bodied people that procrastinate daily and don't live their lives to the fullest. It's a song encouraging everyone to find their goals and pursue them 100% each day. People don't realize how lucky they are. It's also equally encouraging people to be the complete opposite of boring. Go out, socialize, move your body. Do something you love. Do something you're uncomfortable with. Live. Instead of being buried in electronics like the rest of society.

The filming process for this video was like no other we'd done before. The city of Dover (our hometown, in New Hampshire USA) has always been very good to us and they offered for us to film the video on the roof of City Hall. So it was a unique experience being up there. We loaded all of our gear up through the city bell tower and onto the roof. Carrying Ampegs & Marshalls around super old windy staircases. From street level you could hear the drums resonating so people were standing around listening from the sidewalks.

We intended to get more aerial shots and footage of the city in the background but it ended up being an extremely windy day. We tried to hang our banner on one of the brick pillars and I ended up between the windswept banner and the pillar on a ladder 10-15 feet up. It just wouldn't work, it was so windy. Outside of these setbacks it was a great spot to film and something we had a lot of fun with.

Watch the video for Face the Day here:

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