Behind The Tracks: Intaglio - The Memory Of Death (2019)

The track belongs to the second part of the forthcoming conceptual Intaglio album. And this track is its lyrical culmination.

"Time deprives us from everything,
But we are afraid to face the truth…
Death cannot be avoided
And there’s no way to escape it."

And the chorus tells that:

«The memory of death puts everything on its place».

So the main idea that people start to change their habits, activity when they realize that sometime their life will come to end.

Regarding the music side, it’s a well-crafted death/doom metal composition. On this demo single its structure was slightly simplified and it’ll be the different version on the album.

This time Intaglio extensively used double bass and cello on the recording to bring truly unique character to the music. We are really satisfied with the result and can’t wait to bring the whole album.

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