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Behind The Tracks: Wave Break - Out Of Breath (Single) (2020)

Finding bandmates is a lot harder than it sounds. You not only have to find people who can play well and like similar music to you; you also have to vibe well together, have similar goals, and compatible work ethics. It is a lot like dating in that a lot of different things can go wrong. It’s also sometimes very hard to know when you’ve finally gotten it right.

Although Wave Break has more or less managed to keep its head above water over the last 2.5 years of its existence, we’ve struggled through most of that time to find bandmates that fit all of the criteria above. There have been times when we’ve hit it off for the first few months and everything was going well, then someone’s priorities shifted and it suddenly wasn’t working anymore. Then we had to have some tough conversations about what we were going to do next.

“Out of Breath” was written about having trouble keeping up with career setbacks, pulling inspiration from some of these experiences. When you’re in a band, losing a bandmate you thought was going to be permanent can set you back greatly, because instead of working on writing music together, suddenly you instead need to find someone else to fill the last person’s shoes. It had gotten to an overwhelming point with Wave Break because it had happened so much over the last year. Instead of letting it push us back again, we wrote this song about it to tell our story.

Despite all these struggles, we’re not going to let having an incomplete lineup stop us from creating and performing music. We’re not going to rush into filling the lineup again, either. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, we will find like-minded people to join us permanently. Wave Break is all about persevering and overcoming adversity, and we’re going to do just that.

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