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Track By Tracks: Halo One - Black Mountain (2020)

During making this record I got inspired a lot by old Vincent Price movie The Last Man On Earth and old book series called Tripods by John Christopher. Stories behind each song reflects dystopic view of worlds end and times after it. Track by track

1. Awakenings:

This song starts the "storyline", it's written through eyes of this human who finds himself in the middle of destroyed world all by himself. In this song there's a bit of oldschool trash wibes in guitar solo in the end of the track. Also includes maybe the most anthemic choruses in this album.

2. Bonehills:

Song about war between humans & nature against each other but written in both aspects. It's also song about determination to go through whatever life throws on your way. This is the "put those fists in the air song!"

3. Black Mountain:

I think most "progressive" and versatile metal song I've ever made. It's a story of a person who looses his/hers mind. It pictures how fragile mind is and how anxiety will enventually take over thia person. He/She has created this sanctuary, a place to escape called Black Mountain. Also found myself again playing a solo (should I start to get worried,ha ha!)

4. Harvest:

Age of tripods and some anchient history documents played a big role for me while writing this. It pictures a timeline of events that led to a destruction of mankind. Also shows how we have forgot to take care of each other in general and just overall stupidity of humans.

5. Closure:

A testament of escaping prisoner who knows things won't end up well. Lyrics are written in self researching aspect also. I think this song is the albums one of the uptempo songs.

6. Deliverance:

Song about croocked leaders and also how we are slaves for virtual reality. This line pretty much sums it all: "We didn't fight hard enough so now we are a cattle waiting to be eaten." It's history repeating itself, we are lack of knowledge while trying to find a meaning."

7. Wounds:

A song for a good bye and a song about letting go. It is a song about person who has felt so much pain & sorrow that leaving is the only option. This song closes albums "storyline". Some might find a selfdestructional aspect also in it. I wanted to do a one song with only clean vocals in verses and create this sort of raw feeling in it. And yep,there's a solo at the end!!!

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