Track By Tracks: Nukore - One Minute Silence (2020) - Breathing The Core


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martes, 28 de enero de 2020

Track By Tracks: Nukore - One Minute Silence (2020)

1. Black Friday:

This song is a critique of mass consumption tendencies, or at least that´s the message we try to send, with some ironic words in some verses and with more explicit words in the chorus and bridge.

Society and mass media push people to buy useless staff and to feel in need of having something new or different every day. That’s not natural, that’s just the product of a savage capitalism that is destroying our souls and planet, this tendency has to stop before it is too late. 

2. Give Me My Pain:

Give Me My Pain is a song where we try to deal with the problem we think we have with this simple exchange method we call money, in the end, is what it is, but this piece of paper rules the world nowadays.

Is ridiculous how money seems to be our metric system, it’s what we use to define if a person is bad or good, if something is better or worse, everything is measured in economic ways.

Money enslaves us, you may think you are free, but try to go out there with no cash in your pocket and let’s see how far you go. Mankind does horrible things just for having more money and at the end more power, cause money is power. 

There might be incredible ideas out there that we don´t develop just because there’s no enough money for them, incredible people wasting their time in shitty jobs cause they can’t develop their interests, it might be the engine of the world, but there’s no doubt it is the break too.

Maybe is the main cause of suffering in the world, but we are under the yoke of money, it’s our pain, but we love this pain, in fact, we praise this pain.

3. Your Home Is A Mess:

Well, this one of our favorite songs in the album, the message we think is loud and clear, we are destroying our home, the planet we all live in.

It doesn’t matter you live in Europe, USA, China, Kenya, Australia, we are just part of a whole, and if the forest is burning in Australia, it must concern you, if the oceans are full of plastic, it must concern you, if big companies and our way of life is destroying our home, we must be concerned, we don’t think there’s going to be placed for all of us on Mars.

4. Erase & Redefine:

This song is a call to change, a call to change the way we (humankind) are doing things nowadays. It’s like, fuck everything we have done, let’s start again, and let’s try to do things right this time.

Let’s forget about flags, religion, rules, cash and all those things that separate us, let’s focus in all the things we have in common, let’s take a step forward, it could be great what 7.000 million people can do if we remain together. We know it is a utopia, but thinking about how things could be, it’s always good.

5. One Love, One Life:

We can define this song as an ironic love song, it is like the game of relationships or something like that, nothing serious.

We enjoy this song because it’s something different in the record, the mix between the whammy parts in the verses and the heavier parts in the chorus is something we really enjoy. 

6. One Minute Silence:

Let’s see, this song is a message, it’s a message with which we try to convey that we have to raise our voices and fight against those things that make us frown, we don’t want no more minutes of silence, we have to raise our voices against adversity and protest to get what we think is fair.

7. Like My Likes:

With this song, we try to describe in a funny way the empty feelings and the ridiculousness of living through what you show to people in social networks. It’s pretty sad how nowadays everything is measured in likes, and how everybody is going crazy trying to impress with some videos or pictures.

You may get addicted to the number of likes you get, and if you only live through this thing, you can found yourself deep depressed, social media could be useful as a tool, but don’t lose your mind.

8. Shame:

As the first verse of the song says, we are so fucking tired of listening to the same shitty words again and again. Some selfish and racist speech that says that the weak, the poor and the foreigner is the enemy, the people who is dying in the sea by the doors of Europe, the people we have forgotten, people like us that just want to have normal life.

It’s a shame how we are letting them die, starving, while we look to the other way, and we believe the lies they told us, the cause is more comfortable than thinking and doing something about it.

The enemy is not the poor or the immigrant, the enemies are the greedy entrepreneurs and their huge companies, and there are no countries anymore just corporate states.

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