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Track By Tracks: The Risen Dread - Delusions (2019)

Fallen is about the corruption of war and the true cost to those who fight. Lines such as 'Knee deep in blood' - referring to the physical horrific conditions of war. And lines such as 'It drips from your conscience'- referring to the mental ramifications of the guilt that haunts many soldiers returning from war.

Cowards 9 is about our view on mass shooters. As the intro says but also the verses are from the victim's perspective with the choruses being from the shooters perspective. With lines such as 'Sweet death embrace me. Behold a pale horse.' Referring to how many of these shooters see themselves as something more important above their fellow people almost a force of fate and how they usually believe their own death to be the only end to their plans.

Revelations is about the guilt and shame that PTSD sufferers feel. 'No flag is too large To cover the shame.' It also references the horrors they may see in flashbacks or night terrors. 'Fear the wrath of their twisted sight, From your eyes they'll steal your light.'

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