Behind The Artworks: Deadfire - My Belongs To The Devil (2020)

The artwork was designed by Sam Hayles of Doseprod graphic design studio. The artwork was an idea I (Charlie vocals) sent to Sam. I've loved Doseprod since I first saw his artwork he did for A Ritual Spirit.

The concept follows the song ‘My Mind Belongs to the Devil’, a track about not being the person I knew I was, being in a situation where I knew I was doing. Bad but knew I was better than that. My mind was controlled but I took back control. I see the artwork representing that. The Deadfire hothead sitting on his throne having just taken control back .

The artwork is a steady progression for us seeing the Hot head evolve with our 3 cd releases first was our design for our self-titled debut then our second Album Hounds of justice cover was by Helen Hebenton of uncanny designs.

Artwork is important to us. It’s the first thing you see and can identify a band by a good logo and Art.

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