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Behind The Artworks: Lost Legacy - In The Name of Freedom (2020)

Jorge: The artwork was an idea that Dave had about an archangel descending in between the ruins of buildings that were falling. In The Name of Freedom is the follow up to our first album that talked about the atrocities of 9-11-01. The lives lost, the heroes the war on terror. The world forever changed on that day. This is symbolic of this tragedy and how now our men and women of the armed forces, put everything on the line to protect our democracy and freedoms. We do not favor war, but we stand behind these gallant people that often give everything and are forgotten.

I took Dave’s thoughts and I sat down on a computer and with my limited skills I created the basic concept. I found an artist by the name: Pzychopart and commissioned him to take my initial design and make it into art. I wanted the archangel to have a menacing look as he represents the fight against evil and hope for the safe return of our armed forces. The booklet with the cd has some other art that speaks to the message behind this album. I wanted fire and earth tones to be predominant. We are proud of this art and hope that everyone enjoys it.

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