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Behind The Artworks: The Midnight Devils - Something Bigger (2020)

The album cover for Something Bigger was created by Donovan Beery at Eleven19 Productions in Omaha, NE. The Midnight Devils are such a great mixture of sex, rock n roll, and everything fun we really wanted to capture that in our artwork. We wanted to incorporate these cartoon comic book style devils dressed as normal humans but with horns and a tails. The idea really gives us the freedom to create whatever we want in this superhero style world. I was toying around with the idea of “Shadows of Sin” but it was too dark and heavy. We had an artist do another version of the album cover but it was too realistic and even heavier. We ended up scrapping it and going with Donovan. He really captured the light hearted party atmosphere of these two normal devils that really are rock n roll superstars. Everyone has that fire inside of them but it all depends on how you let it out. Jimmy Mess designed and put together all of the artwork for the album itself. It’ glitter, glam, punk, and party all rolled into one simple idea of “Something Bigger”.

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