Behind The Tracks: ALYXX - My Last Goodbye (Single) (2020) - Breathing The Core


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martes, 25 de febrero de 2020

Behind The Tracks: ALYXX - My Last Goodbye (Single) (2020)

I originally wrote “My Last Goodbye” in January 2019. The main piano lead actually started out by accident. I was giving myself a vocal warm up and I played an incorrect note. The note progression stood out to me, so I went back to replay it. The rest of the intro just kept flowing and before I knew it, more than half of the song was written. I usually compose a song first on piano, before adding the lyrics and try to allow the lyrics to emerge organically. Writing is therapeutic for me, as I’m sure it is for most. For almost all of my songs, the lyrical content is not something that is planned out. I like to play the song over and over to get a feel for the vibe of the music, and then will improvise the vocals. I then allow my subconscious to take control of the song. Not all my lyrics are personal. Some reflect situations that I have witnessed from those close to me. “My Last Goodbye” is a combination of both observed and personal conflicts.

After I had completed the music, melody and lyrics, I tracked a demo in my mini studio to send over to the band. I had intended to track only piano and vocals, but ended up adding synth pads, strings, bass, and bells. When it comes to guitar and drums, I leave everything up to Frank Bohr and Zaki Ali. They’re both incredible musicians, and can write things I could never even imagine. This song had so much room for creativity and I wanted them to have the freedom to express themselves.

The song was produced by me and recorded, mixed and mastered at Redshift Recording by Zaki Ali and Steven Boyer. I love that this song was all done in house, allowing me to fully be a part of the whole process including mixing and mastering. I was inspired to create the artwork for the single based on a conversation I had with my sister. “My Last Goodbye” experiments with heavier elements, while staying true to ALYXX. My sound will continue to grow and evolve. I have put my heart and soul into this, and am so excited for everyone to hear this new track.

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