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Behind The Tracks: Blue Kubricks - Heroin (Single) (2020)

Blue Kubricks are a Leeds, UK, based alt funk rock band. On course to release their latest single, “Heroin” on April 10th, 2020 at a launch gig NASA would be proud of at 360 Club, Leeds. The band is five, of which two are brothers who have been playing instruments straight from breastfeeding. From nip to guitar lick…..s. A thrashy cross between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Libertines.

The imminent release of “Heroin” was decided by a 4-1 majority band decision with the only no vote coming from the bloke (Jim) what actually wrote the song; on grounds of insanity.

Blue Kubricks’ new single coming out 10th April, "Heroin", is a song about the fragility of the line between living the life of a rocker and the music that defines your existence as this. Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll? No no no no no, Rock n Roll and sex and drugs, more like!

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