Behind The Artworks: Hilltops Are For Dreamers - Hilltops Are For Dreamers (2020)

The actual cover has been created by Vas P. who is one of the main band members. Vas P. has also worked on the concept of the artwork as a whole and the vision that it is willing to represent.

It is true that the cover is very minimal and the story behind it is quite funny.

Around a year and a half ago, Vas P. was on a roadtrip at the southernmost part of mainland Greece, called Mani. He found an 'interesting fruit' that actually is the one on the album cover. It looks like a pine but it's not. The actual tree was significantly shorter. So, Vas took it with him.

When he returned back home, he placed the fruit on a white table and left there for few days for no reason. When he checked, the fruit has kind of bloomed (or to be honest was ready to die) and these red shapes (inner fruits?) appeared.

He immediately took a photo as he really liked how that was looking like in the middle of the white table.

Some cropping and editing needed to bring the cover at the current shape you now see.

Vas decided to use it as a cover as it shows the simplicity this band really represents. Simplicity on the way of life with a laid back approach, a 'take it easy' way with hope and no fear. You are not alone.

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