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Track By Tracks: 7 Stone Riot - Scratching The Surface (2020)

1. Scratching the Surface:

We open our cd with the our single scratching the surface. It was the last song we recorded for the EP and at the time was our least favorite. Once we got it in the studio and started molding it with our producer we felt it was one of the stronger songs of the EP. We loved how the track at the beginning of the song builds up giving slight mystery of what you’re about to hear. The whole concept of this song is the mountain you have to climb when you’re going after a big dream. Our dream is to make a living playing music and that dream comes with crazy ups and downs. There’s always these moments where you make a breakthrough and it keeps you going. That’s where the lyrics scratching the surface came from as long as you scratch the surface of a goal it keeps you pushing forward to achieve it. My favorite part of the song is the breakdown when the guitars hit heavy and the lyrics are “breathe we’re approaching the surface” in a calm manner. That signifies all the craziness going on around you but you have to remain calm. With the ending of the song we wanted to make it feel like you have achieved the goal you were after so where the lyrics in the other choruses end on the lyrics “I’m clawing my out.” On the last chorus we end it on the big note with the lyrics “I’ve clawed all the way out!” Then hits a super groovy riff that hasn’t been in the song to complete the journey.

2. I’m Alive:

Our next track I’m alive is about letting go of the people and things around you that tried to hold you back. We start this track really loud and in your face to give off the we mean business attitude. In the verses we tell the story of how people or things try to take control of you. By the end of the verse you start to realize that this isn’t for you and it’s time to move on. When the chorus hits we use a very uplifting chord progression. The lyrics are positive and they talk about even though you tried to destroy who I am I’m taking this dive to better myself and it makes me feel alive.

3. Blind:

Next we go into our song Blind which is a personal experience that our band shared. When you’re a new band you are very naïve and trust everything anyone tells you. We made that mistake early on with a guy who told us he could do huge things for us for a monthly price. He said he was working on a tour that was going to launch our music career. We get told that we’re going on this military base tour opening up for big-name bands in three months. We are then told that since it’s a military event that he can’t share much information but we are told where the first show starts. The day comes for us to start the “tour” so we head 7 hours to Louisiana and we never heard from him again. After losing thousands of dollars it made us open our eyes and realize a lot of people in this business are trying to screw you over with promising words. I will say though in the time between us being told we’re going on this tour and the day we left we did nothing but practice which in the long run made us tighter as a band and better musicians so that was the positive in the situation.

4. Time will tell:

Time Will Tell is the ballad of the EP. We all go through periods of our life where nothing seems to go your way. You start feeling down on yourself and try to do anything in your power to change anything. Sometimes the change is good and other times you change things for the bad. The message behind this song is sometimes you just have to sit back and let time take over.

5. Talking in Circles:

Talking in Circles is another song about an experience we shared as a band. It’s kind of like the situation we were in with the song blind but we were able to stop it before it got bad. We were again promised that this person could help us get where we wanted to get in our careers but instead of going all in we sat back and watched to see where it went. Luckily this time we didn’t pay any money because we learned that from a past experience. Nothing was really happening so we started booking our own shows which this person started taking credit for. Months go by and this person still hasn’t done a single thing for us but still taking the credit for the things we were doing ourselves. We finally had a meeting with this person and the whole meeting was this person saying we weren’t doing anything to help them do what they promised. The more this person talked we all realized that it was the same thing being said 100 different ways as to why they can’t do what they promised. As this person talked in circles we just let them say what they wanted to say and then hit the reset button and moved on.

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