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Track By Tracks: Death On Fire - Ghost Songs (2020)

1. Lies We Eat:

This song musically is a pretty straight forward aggressive song. Lyrical it explores the human condition as Tim sees it. (Tim writes the lyrics) it is about feeling trapped in the present by the choices of your past. Slowly trading away pieces of your dreams and ambitions for comfort and security. It is about the lies we tell ourselves to rationalize why we have become the person we tried to never be. Some pretty heady stuff about growing up with responsibilities and choosing the safe path instead of daring to be great.

2. Ghost Songs:

This is one of our favorite tracks because of the obvious BNWHM influences in the intro. Conceptually we wanted to explore different polytheistic religions and how they view the end of days. We were reading about the Aztec culture and Kyle came across a book with a story called Ghost Songs. It was about a dead king with bones around his neck from the young and his enemies I think. Anyway, it was a great title and it fit with what we were working on lyric wise. This song is about the past reminding us of who we are. It is about the cyclical nature of the universe, death and rebirth. It is also tinged with the understanding that every religion thinks it is right and wants to beat back the others.

3. Once Were Warriors:

This song was inspired by Tim’s time in New Zealand playing rugby for Sumner RFC. He made some amazing friends and learned about what it means to fight as a unit toward a singular goal. Rugby is a great sport. When he was there he was told to watch a movie by the same title. It was a heartbreaking story in many ways but a good story. Tim took that title and a translation of the Ka Mate for the lyrics. It is a very inspirational song. 

4. The End Complete:

A low key favorite because of the Bossa nova beat that Kyle snuck in; tasty. It’s about two people that are growing apart but trying to hold things together. It explores the impact on a family when it edges closer to falling apart, and asks the questions of what the fallout is when a family breaks.

5. Architects:

This is a great encapsulation of the album. Probably why we chose it for the first single. We ignore the lessons of the past. We struggle with the cognitive dissonance of new information and necessary change. We hate blindly because it is easier than growth. We edge closer to the end of times by our own doing. This song is about the diseased state of the human condition and its negative impact on the world for future generations.

6. Withering Away:

Probably a song that hits closest to home for Tim. It is a very personal song. It is about watching someone that is very ill face their own mortality. It is about the effects of that illness on not just the sock person but those closest to it. It is about fear and loss and desperation. It is a very hard topic. We are very grateful to have had a long time friend Ken Jehle play the solo on this track. It is a perfect fit for the song.

7. People Like You:

This is a song made for revenge. It is about settling scores and restoring balance. It Kong’s for a time when people had to face each other and pay the price for their transgressions. It is about failed justice and a longing for restitution. Fear and Loathing Probably the most progressive song on the album and one of Tim’s favorites. The lyrics were inspired by a sock puppet. It is really about the marginalized groups and those that have been through hell and are maybe still suffering. It is about the crippling nature of depression and anxiety and how it impacts those that struggle with it.

8. Deafening Roar:

This is a song that was inspired by the TV series Vikings. When someone loses a person that is so close and dear to them that the world disappears. That’s what this song is about. It is about the pain of an earth shattering loss. It is about meaning becoming meaningless and hope becoming heartache and despair. 

9. Love Gun:

Well, why not? This is a banger KISS track and we put our spin on it. It has a bit of a Motörhead vibe to it and it is rad. The lyrics don’t necessarily age well but we are good with the new vibe. It goes from a lust drenched love song to a more twisted song about a possessive and darker “love”. All in all we like the outcome after the song was turned on its head a bit.

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