Track By Tracks: Eciton - Suspension of Disbelief (2020) - Breathing The Core


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jueves, 27 de febrero de 2020

Track By Tracks: Eciton - Suspension of Disbelief (2020)

Suspension of disbelief is a term created to describe the state you get in when you for example accept an illogical world when you watch a film or a theatre play.

It is sometimes also extended to describe the state people can be in if they form opinions about things they don’t know anything about or if somebody uncritically accepts objectively false statements.  In this view the cover is a graphic representation of the amount of people and consumption that the earth can continue to sustain, represented by the life boat, and all the people and their consumer products and waste the earths growing population is trying to fit in it.

Eciton is a death metal band without a concept. We have no rules when it comes to what you can bring to the rehearsal room. We just make it sound like Eciton.

1. Demagogue:

We wanted to make a track that was fast and brutal without losing the catchy feeling and at the same time mix it with some melodic and technical parts. 


Politicians using spin. Spin is pest in a dialog especially when your finest mission (seen from our perspective) is to inform what you are doing with OUR country. We are being lied to all the time, kept in fear, manipulated and afterwards asked if it is okay. Bull all the way. There is a little dictator in every last one of them. 

2. Belief:

One of the guys came with 2 riff(the first 2), that really had a feeling of speed and aggression. We wanted to keep that drive and composed a couple of riff, that could match them and still be strong enough if they were on their own. Towards the end we wanted to break it down and let´s just say it´s hard to keep the head still..


This is about religion and the urge to put their own tendency's in other people's head. The main massage is to leave others alone and keep their believes to themselves and it doesn't matter which god you believe in. 

3. Written awareness:

The track came to live, when one of the guys got a little drunk and felt inspired by several bands. This is the most blackened track on the album even though half the riff and drumming is in a completely different direction. 


Politicians being wise on our lives and society though books. The biggest margin hasn’t been in a real job before starting to tell us what's right.

4. Suicide protest:

This is the track you don´t know you like. We wanted to make, and intense track and all the riff and drum parts just fits very well together.


This song is about a guy how lost the meaning of life. He has given up on everything and just wants to die. I think depression is the right way of putting his mental stat. A stressful life leads to depression. Take care of your self's, also in your working life, otherwise you will end up like this guy.

5. Twisted politics:

We wanted to do something different, when one of the guys came with, what ended up as the middle part of the track. The track is catchy and a little bit more melodic, than most of the tracks, but still very much in the spirit of Eciton with its intensity and complexity.


I think it´s down the same allay as Demagogue. Politicians spinning our heads around. Not telling a total lie but pronouncing other things and that's why you can't find the things you thought would find. We are applying people to get on the street and make politicians understand that we wants change.

6. Social pacifier:

Eciton has its roots in the old school death metal and haven´t forgot about it at all. That is one of the reasons why we wanted to make this track. 


Interaction between people. Friendship is a nice way interact, but some people use others to get what they want. Some of us just want a friend, others use this weakness to control others. I think Its just a way of saying, be nice to each other.

7. Penetrated sorrow:

At the time we wanted make a track that just screamed Eciton. It has a lot of what Eciton is about, but a lot more and even stuff we haven´t done before. 


Addiction is the main word though the text. It's a view inside a junkie's everyday life and the contradictions between would to survive, but lost life is self.

8. Thoughts:

The idea was to create a short fast brutal track. But there were to many awesome riff and drum parts, so we had to extend it.


The whole text is made up of sentences which must contain contradictions. There is no meaning to the text, only single lines that are interconnected. It seemed like a funny way of saying a lot weird stuff.

9. Estimated effort:

The thoughts on this track were definitely to show our appreciation to Terrorizer for making the insane” World downfall” album.


Politicians only doing what is absolutely necessary. It isn’t a call, like they say. It is for their own good.

10. Toxic luxury:

This track just starts off and keeps building on top. We wanted to try a couple of new things, like having our drummer lay down a drum track on the opening riff and create a riff on top. We also made a riff where the 2 guitars plays differently, but in cohesion should sound like 1.


3. world countries making clothes for the western world. Their getting sick, their children are working at the same time, coloring and walking around in these big tubs filled with chemicals

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