Track By Tracks: Helion - The Great Fall (2020) - Breathing The Core


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domingo, 16 de febrero de 2020

Track By Tracks: Helion - The Great Fall (2020)

1. Legacy Of The Serpent:

The theme of this song revolves around the figure of the serpent, as a being historically/socially omnipresent in all the ancient cultures of the planet, according to various studies pursued by scholars such as Graham Hancock and Mario Pizzuti, strictly connected to another important theme, which is the so called “Legacy of the serpent” (or “Brotherhood of the Snake”), one of the eldest secret societies we have record of, together with the Ancient Masonry, dating back to the first sumerian/egyptian dinasties.

2. Tales of the Skytower:

This song describes the myth of an ancient granite tower, presumbly hidden in the Giza Plateau in Egytp, about which we alwyas see different ways to describe it in the sacred texts and myths around the world – named Tree of Life in the Old Testament, Yggdrasill in the Poetic Edda from the Norse mythology, just to name a few examples - although the autenticity of its historical origin has been provided by the explanations given by various scholars of the ancient world, particularly in the chronicles of the egyptian expedition by Erodotus, and then rediscussed in modern times by researchers such as Mario Pincherle. 

3. The Aten Rises:

This song speaks about the political events that defined the reign of Akhenaton, an Egpytian king of the XVIII dinasty named “the heretic pharaoh” due to his attempt to overthrow the political order of his country and to introduce a new monotheistic cult of the Aten (the solar disk). In the middle of the song there's an extract from a poem called “The Great Hymn to the Aten” in which the pharaoh declares his direct contact with this divinity, whose order is to create a new cult within the land of Egypt. This determined an escalation of violence toward his figure and his intentions, forcing him to escape in the east alongside a selected group of people, making many scholars (such as Ahmend Osman and Mario Pizzuti) think that there are effective similarities between the figure of Akhenaton and Moses - Ahmed Osman and Mario Pizzuti, 

4. A Dormant Energy:

This song describes a mythical past of humanity in which great level of technologial achievements, of which we find the remains in all the ancient temples and pyramids scattered all around the world, would have brought humanity at the apex of its social and spiritual development, as described by the myth of the Ages of Man by Plato and the Yuga of the eldest hindu tradition. 

5. Tauridian:

This track describes a comet belonging to the meteor shower of the Northern Tauris responsible for the annihilation of an ancient global civilization existing long before the known history, according to theories and studies of various academics and researches such as Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson, that is recalled by myths and stories passed on orally through the millennia (the biblical Great Flood, the Zep- Tepi of the Ancient Egypt tradition, the Ragnrarok of the norse mythology). In this track the comet is personified as a divinity and made protagonist of a prophecy that foresee the end of the human race, as described by the whole album, as a consequence of her advent. 

6. The Great Fall:

The title track of the album is divided in 3 sections, describing the events that brought to the fall of civilization due to the impact with the comet Tauris: Alpha Draconis is an instrumental track reevoking one of the most important stars of the ancient cosmology; The Decree of the Seven Sages refers to the myth of the Atrahasis, a sumerian/accadian poem describing the will of the gods to punish mankind due to excessive corruption and greed, resembling the biblical figure of Moses; Younger Dryas constitue the apex of the whole narration, describing the advent of the comet Tauris and the cataclysmic annihilation of human kind. 

7. Heliopolis:

Dawn of the New Age: The instrumental track refers to the egyptian city of Heliopolis, one of the greatest cities and cultural centre of the ancient world where the knowledge and evidence of the antidiluvian civilization has been kept and taught for thousands of years.

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