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Track By Tracks: Last Frontier - Aether (Equivalent Exchange) (2020)

1.Toward Last Frontier:

A seeker has been told where to find the one who will tell the stories of the album, the one who reigns on the last frontier.

2. Cults of Cargo:

During prehistoric times an alien aircraft lost a piece of metal, with the Last Frontier symbol on the other. This piece fell into a forest and the hominids who lived in it began to venerate him as the Lord of Metal. From then until modern times still human adepts continue to go to that forest to worship the Lord of Metal.

3. Fields of Thetis:

Teti was the nymph who dominated the seas of antiquity, therefore her fields are the boundless oceans. A brave crew sets sail for the open sea and meets the sirens, who tempt them to lead them to death, because with too much arrogance and sycumera they violated the kingdom of their lady.

4. Flames of Moloch:

Moloch is the Canaanite god who requires small children, killed and burned in his name, as the smell of burnt fat intoxicates him. The place to carry out the burnt offerings is the valley of the son of Hinnom, later known as Gehenna, which when it is conquered by the Israelites will become the place where waste is burned, a place therefore where the flames have burned imperishable for centuries, for various reasons. Lord Moloch proposes to a man to sacrifice his son in exchange for the satisfaction of an unidentified desire that burns inside that man with the vigor of the flames.

5.Wings Of Stone:

Once devout crusaders, precisely because of their strength and faith in defeating the "infidels", through the black magic of men they were turned into gargoyles and placed to guard a prestigious cathedral. During the day blocked by the sun in the form of a stone, at night they break free ... one of them falls in love with a girl who spies during the night while she sleeps

6. The Willow:

A man, loved by a witch, wanted to leave to see the world and she didn't want him to go away. Thanks to a powerful magic, he turned it into a tree outside, but with feelings and human blood inside. When the night comes and the creatures of the woods crowd around this half-human and half-plant being, the witch returns to her beloved to embrace him, while in him human desires and impulses suffer for not being able to vent, trapped in a body of bark.

7.The River:

A quiet forest, a quiet clearing in the sweet spring, disturbed by a handful of men chasing a girl accused of being a witch. Once arrived at a stream, before throwing herself in search of salvation, the girl reveals her power, by falling asleep to men except one - their leader - who turns into a Faun, so that the others, once awake , drive him out, and he is forced to live hunted. Nature, life, go on anyway ... and in the end the night comes and then peace will return.

8.The Brier:

A witch loves the country gentleman, who deceives her and then betrays her. The witch, at a bush, performs a ritual and invokes the Pale Lord - a kind of demon - who gets paid with her soul to make him die and burn his house. However, love is stronger and she repents, but in order for him to come back to life, in addition to the soul already sold, she must also pay with her own flesh and thus sacrifice herself. The Pale Lord, however, is a deceiver, therefore he restores the life to the lord, but transforms him into a kind of immortal monster, who sings in the refrain of the quiet wait that will never come.


An alchemist and diviner, gripped by prophetic nightmares, undergoes the visit of some spirits from the higher planes of existence, who tell him about the alien and non-supernatural origin of what humans call "Gods". To him and to humanity to whom the secret, duty / commitment / possibility of "awakening the sun" of knowledge, against religious obscurantism and the deception of creatures that are not at all ethereal will be revealed through his mouth.

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