1. Rise to Glory:

This song is a piano piece that open up the album with a solemn feel.

2. My Faith:

This song is an interesting tune that has good tempo changes and cool opening harmony.

3. Front Line:

Is the first single of the album. Melodic and driven, heavy breakdown, a band favorite

4. In the Name of Freedom:

Early Fates Warning feel. Another song that mixes tempos and has heavy drums sounds.

5. Take me Away:

Soaring vocals, the songs mixes different rhythm patterns and the double bass drums drive this song to oblivion.

6. Enough is Enough:

Heavy riffs, jungle style drum beats this one is a killer

7. Will You Remember:

This song mixes power metal and thrash into an exciting tune that delivers great guitar riffs amazing guitar solos by both guitarists and this song showcases Dave’s vocal range.

8. Rules of Engagement:

This song has a contagious rhythm and has an early Fates Warning feel. Heavy, Heavy.