Track By Tracks: Lutharö - Wings Of Agony (2020) - Breathing The Core


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sábado, 29 de febrero de 2020

Track By Tracks: Lutharö - Wings Of Agony (2020)

1. Barren is a song about someone who has no passion or drive in their life so they end up physically dissecting other humans that are super motivated to see what the secret to their happiness is.

2. Diamond Back is about doing whatever it takes to pursue your passion and growing a thicker skin in the process of doing so.

3. Blood Lightning is about spilling your heart and soul into your passion and begging to finally see some success from it after its been mentally and physically draining you.

4. Will To Survive is about people making you pay for your success while also belittling you and doubting your ability to succeed.

5. Wings of Agony is a song about the never-ending struggle to pursue a passion. In one moment you are feeling like you are soaring on cloud nine, things are going your way and you exude confidence. Then by the flip of a switch, you enter a moment of darkness where you feel lost and hopeless never knowing when the light at the end of the tunnel will return. This is the never-ending cycle we embrace because we would rather be tortured in the process of pursuing our dreams than to give up on them.

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