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Track By Tracks: Simplefast - Eternal (2020)

1. Magnitude:

So calm, but so dark. The opening of the album with only clean and melodic guitars with a smooth essence of bass. A perfect way to start the upcoming mayhem.

2. The Liar's Truth:

A World War I story about a simple man-soldier living the true side of the war and faces the lies he's been told. Sharp guitar riffs with a thrashy essence and fast-groovy drums that make you wanna headbang all the way. A song-statement of the band.

3. Nero Reborn:

Maybe the favourite song of ours in the album. The life story of Nero, one of the most famous and historic personalities of the Roman Empire. Thrashy guitar riffs and melodic vocals, connecting together to create a destructive and painful feeling that people live until our time.

4. Destroyer:

One of the grooviest and heaviest songs of the album, referring to the destruction that people caused in our planet by taking advantage of pretty much everything on Earth. As a result, nature, animals and even humans dying by these actions.

5. Atonement:

The most lyrical song of the album. Melodic lines and a more hard rock to heavy metal side of the band. Portrays the tale of an old man trying to fight with his inner demons and find his own truth. In his adventure many are going to describe him as a paranoid.

6. Tension:

It's a song for the awakening and liberation of the human mind. A really unique track with both distorted and clean guitar riffs, melodies and fast-growly vocals with groovy drum and bass parts.

7. Divine Prophecy:

Heavy and majestic riffs, melodic vocal lines are the first thing you will notice in this song. An hymn to the overlord, sung by his people.

8. Eternal:

A self-conflict of a eternal creature, whose power is above everything. It's trying to decide whether to destroy everything or to recreate life. It's the most characteristic song of the album, the heaviest and fastest song of the album with growly vocals, sharp riffs and solos and upbeating drum and bass rhythms.

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