Band Biographies: Antipope - Breathing The Core


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domingo, 8 de marzo de 2020

Band Biographies: Antipope

Antipope effectively sweeps progressive rhythms wrapped in gothic doom towards the aggressive edges of black and death metal, making for delighted fans of all heavy metal genres. As main composer Mikko Myllykangas once embellished upon the Antipope sound and style, "It is metal, for sure, but that's pretty much all you need to know. Would more words make you feel safer? We don't want you to feel safe.” This perspective resonates through the diverse nature of Antipope.

Prior, this group of talented musicians had been labeled as "progressive black metal", which Fertile Crescent has deemed to be completely lacking as a descriptive label for the full-bodied, eclectic compositions which they create. Simply described, Antipope are occult melodic heavy metal that is unrestricted by the confines of subgenres. To pin these maestros as any single sound would be a great disservice to their works of art. Also proof of this eclectic nature, Antipope have shared several stages in Finland over the years with world renowned acts, such as Enochian Crescent, Hebosagil, Betrayal, and Baptism. While there are no live shows currently planned, Fertile Crescent is informed that future performances are in the works!

“For us, our music is just heavy metal with an occult twist," explains Mikko. "Our lyrics discuss 'self-realization in an esoteric, metaphoric sense', 'conflict between who you truly are and what is expected of you'; hence the name 'Antipope'." The arrangement known as Antipope was born out of a black metal project called "Tuska" ('pain/agony' in Finnish), active between 1998 and 2001. Since their 2004 establishment, in Oulu, Finalnd, Antipope have composed several full-length albums, EP's and singles. After releasing their 3rd album (3 Eyes of Time), Antipope announced that they would go into a non-active state. In the autumn of 2016, after three years on hiatus, they announced that work on the 4th full length album had been resumed and it was released the following year. Since 2004, Antipope has released 4 full-length compositions; independently published Desert (2010), House of Harlot (2011) & 3 Eyes of Time (2013) on Violent Journey Records and Denial/Survival (2017) on Brazilian Heavy Metal Rock."

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