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Band Biographies: Chotzä

Chotzä was formed by Szivilizs in 2011 in Bern/Switzerland.

Chotzä is singing in their native Language „Bärndütsch“ which is one of many swiss-german dialects.

The band plays Black'n'roll and started as a really filthy project.

After several members change Cpt. Cunt joined in as the drummer and is still a member today.
Chotzä released some demos before.

The first demo with Cpt. Cunt was entitled „Hass Musig“ (2012) 10 copies and was the basis for the first album „Plump u Primitiv“ (2014) 200 copies on cd and tape.

In 2017 Chotzä released their 2nd album „Bärner Bläck Metal Terror“ 800 copies CD, Vinyl, Tape and started to be recognized in the underground scene.

Also, some more lineup changes happened during these periods.

Now its 3 years again which passed and Chotzä is unleashing their 3rd strike „Tüüfuswärk“. To be released via Northern Fog Records, Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur, Worship Tapes as CD Jewelcase 500 units, Double gatefold Lp 300 units, pro tape 100 units.

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