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Band Biographies: Jumpscare

Melodic Death Metal (with Core influences) band hailing from Napoli,Italy. Jumpscare carved their own style combining the North European Melodic Death Metal sound (In Flames,Dark Tranquillity,Soilwork) with the first wave of the U.S. Modern Metal scene (Killswitch Engage,Lamb Of God,Darkest Hour,Make Them Suffer) with elements of symphonic and melodic music” Jumpscare was established at the end of 2015 by a close circle of lifetime friends. During 2016 and 2017 they released two Ep (Three Marks Of Dreams,Sowing Storms) under two labels B-SIDE Music,Volcano Records and a bunch of split (Chthonic Dreams with Bormanus and the Neo folk composer of Herr Troy Southgates) and some demo songs (avaible only at, all this without neglecting the live activity, which led them to play throughout their region and all the Italian peninsula as support act of artist as VENOM INC, EDU FALASCHI (Angra/Almah), DGM, Giacomo Voli (Teodasia, Rhapsody Of Fire), Arthemis, SecretSphere, Dreamshade, Despite Exile and many more...

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