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Band Biographies: R.O.T

R.O.T. were born in Cassino in November 2017 after Louis (Luigi Cervellini) and Eddy (Edoardo Merlino) find themselves in a complicated situation in their previous musical project ... So they move away from the rest of the components to start new project, born almost to case from some musical improvisations. So decided to continue in two, given the satisfactory results and the full freedom of musical expression that happened, at the beginning of 2018 the first demo of three songs was ready and R.O.T. participate in musical events in the area by performing live with bass and drums sequences, and spreading their demos around.

in June we play in the Woodstock park 2018 in Catrocielo and on July 28 released their debut album "Revolution Of Two" self-produced and self-distributed (physically and digitally). Their genre is a mixture of everything they have listened and experienced in previous years (Louis and Eddy have been playing together since 2014) with a strong death imprint oriented towards melodies typical of the Swedish and technicalities inspired by Death and more modern bands such as Persephone and Avatar .

The debut lyrics are mainly focused on the reflection and weakness of the human soul who, influenced by memories, by feelings of guilt or terrified by the choices he faces every day in his life, is assailed by paranoia and fears. In addition, there is a strong theme of the "rebirth" of man who manages to get rid of these sensations and to be master of himself, creator of his own life. For this album the band publishes an official video, two playthrough and a lyrical video on the EFTM records channel of Youtube. To the end of the year the band hosts a third member, Bratt (Matteo Spacagna) who plays keyboards and synthesizers. December 23 2018 is part of the Phoenix fest together with Lesnar Suplex (another EFTM band from Cassino).

After publishing two ironic covers of Beautiful and Jake and The Neverland Pirates published on May 30, 2019 "Kaiju" song inspired by the monsters of Japanese cinema published on the day of release in the halls of "Godzilla, king of monsters", the single will be selected followed by an official video. On 5 October 2019 the band takes part in the first edition of Titans Of Metal, a metal festival made in Cassino that brought together more than 300 spectators from central and southern Italy.
On February 22, 2020 Bejelit, the first song of 2020 by R.O.T. which accentuates the stylistic improvement already announced with Kaiju, in fact the band adds modern and electronic influences from metalcore, deathcore and djent to the melodic death of the debut. The piece is dedicated to the work Berserk and to the reflection on the difficulty of man in pursuing his dreams.

You can find pics on the mega link we provided ! In case you need anything feel free to contact me

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