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Band Biographies: Sacred Sin

Sacred Sin formed in 1991. They started by recording tape demos and from 1992 on playing in several small venues. In the spring of 1993, under the independent music label Musica Alternativa they recorded their debut album Darkside which received rave reviews among the metal community. This opened the door for larger audiences and as part of the promotion for the Darkside album, the band played as a support act for Napalm Death and Manowar and were invited to play at Headbangers Ball Video Road Show, Portugal's first band to be played on MTV.

In 1995 they went again to the studio to record the follow-up album Eye M God. To promote the new album they toured Europe during December supporting Malevolent Creation, and Vader which began after the gig in Portugal supporting Therapy?. The title track of the album featured on both MTV's Headbanger's Ball and on the VIVA music channel.

In 1998, they recorded their third album Anguish I Harvest which was released in 1999 and had European distribution for the first time. To promote the album they toured in 1999 in Portugal and abroad with bands like Entombed in April. In June the tour follows in Spain and more shows in Portugal. In the Summer the band appears at some major Festival in their country with bands like Manowar, Napalm Death, Paradise Lost and Primordial.

In 2000, they continued touring before signing in November with the UK label Demolition Records to record their fourth album Translucid Dream Mirror. In 2001, the band changed drummers with Rolando Barros coming in and he joined them touring Europe to promote the album.

While in the process of writing material for the following album, the band released their first compilation to celebrate 10 years of extreme music. The compilation album Mastery of holy imperial art - a decade of extreme metal music 92 - 02 includes re-mastered versions of own songs, plus additional cover versions from Morbid Angel, Venom, Dark Angel and Slayer.

The fifth full-length album of the band Hekatón - the return to primordial chaos was released in 2005, again with outstandingly positive reviews upon which the usual European tour following. Following a short break, the band again started writing material which was to result in the release, in 2008, of the EP Dawn Over Desolation.

The band stop activity in 2009, and returned in 2013 with the release the 20th anniversay edition of their first album. In march 2017 is released their 9th album Grotesque Destructo Art by Chaosphere Records. The folowling years were dedicated to promotion and touring and by the end of 2019 new albunm on the works. New single «Born suffer die» released on december 15 in all digital platforms

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