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Band Biographies: SHODAN

SHODAN is a metal trio concepted in Wrocław, Poland 2013. Distinctive style of the band is a unique hybrid of death metal brutality, progressive aproach towards song structures and not infrequently spiced with melodies of roots deep on coldwave estethics. In 2015 SHODAN together with producer Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski recorded tracks for their debut LP called "Protocol of Dying". The record was released in spring 2016 under the cooperative flag of Defense Records and Deformeathing Production. The album and a dozen of live appearences supporting Sinister, Absu, Beheaded or Rotting Christ as well as on metal music festivals like: Into The Abyss, Metalmania or Castle Party met with avid response and review from both audience and media. The band now focuses on recording their second record with that will introduce a new approach to SHODAN own music.


Szczepan Inglot: Guitars, Vocals
Michał Jarosz: Drums
Tomasz Sadlak: Bass, Vocals

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