Band Biographies: WHORESNATION

Grindcore has many sides, some are rather focussing on painful atmospheres, others on brutality or speed, WHORESNATION decided to target all these features. Spawned in 2009 in the east part of France, this three piece band regurgitates an intense mix of Grindcore and Death Metal, a raw and straight to the point reverence to the great names of the genre. From 2009 to 2012, WHORESNATION released several demos and 7” until their first self- titled album. These traces of filth and crudeness were followed by Scum Will Reign, an EP on which they campaigned a lot, over 300 shows around Europe and North America since 2009. Recently, after almost ten years of experience and hate-energy encapsulation, WHORESNATION recorded its latest full length, the first release as a three piece, « Mephitism » recently released by Throatruiner Records. The band is willing to excite the darkest of the aspects of life, harsh-musically as well as mindly, WHORESNATION drags in its wake a dark and oppressive atmosphere while disclaiming pessimistic focus on life and vomiting a raging hate toward capitalist system. An abrasive operation built to grind constructed through years of hard work, multiple line-up changes, touring at a sustained pace and love for Grindcore have created a speed monster.

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