Behind The Artworks: Sacred Sin - Born Suffer Die (2020)

The artwork is inspired by grave sculpture, namely from those we find here in the bone chapel of Evora. First song, and title of the EP, is "Born Suffer Die", music starts with a fast picking riff with a strong bending. I had this idea over a decade ago, now it became a song thanks to the guitars of Luis and Pica. The lyrics of this one, deals with the meaning of life, the "suffer" part is intended to be the guide line here. Next, its "False Deceiver". Song came up a few years ago i was jamming at home found this cool groovy drum loop, and recorded a couple of riffs. Last year i found this recording, and shared this with Luis, and the song begun taking shape. Pica did amazing job here with leads and orchestrated parts. GR on drums make it sound massive. The lyrics for this one is about the people that only try to bring you down, make up lies, backstabbing. Its like warning, not trust every one. Last song, "Cursed" is straight forward in your face bunch of death/thrash riffs, and vocals take the leading roll. The song is about a cursed love and suicide perspectives.

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